The “NEW” Invisible Car Bra Protection is here!

SunState Auto Glass is happy to say the old days are over of the ugly black bras that went on the front end of our cars. These bulky bras were damaging to the paint and also caused paint fading. Oh, and yes, forget trying to wash your car without having to remove it. 

Through today’s 3M technology the invisible car bra was created and is the best way to protect your cars front end. This new 3M Paint Protection film will defend your vehicle's finish against frontal attacks of stones, rocks, love bugs, abrasions, bug acids, salt and weathering. Another great thing about the invisible car bra is that it doesn’t cause paint fading and you can hardly even tell it is on the car. The invisible bra can be washed, waxed and does not cause paint fading! 


This durable film should be applied by a certified technician that specializes in this product, it can only be applied once so if there are problem installing it the film will be ruined. Also, even though this film is precut to your cars specifications it can take up to 6 hours to install. 

SunState Auto Glass has certified techs that can install this great new product so give us a call to set up an appointment! 

Don’t forget to ask about windshield protection! 

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