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At SunState Auto Glass, we understand the importance of safety standards and lack of them in low quality auto glass.  Which is why we only partner with companies that have the highest in safety testing practices.  Rest assured that our auto glass comes from manufacturers that supply the highest quality, automotive glass.  In fact, some of our manufacturers have been in the industry for over 80 years ensuring knowledge, quality and service are of utmost priority.  We are long standing members of the Auto Glass Safety Council, a non profit organization dedicated to safety standards within the Auto Glass Industry.
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Auto glass training program
SunState Auto Glass facilitates repairs with insurance agencies, body shops, auto dealers and rental car agencies alike. So if you are a car dealer or an individual in need of auto glass services, feel free to contact us. At SunState Auto Glass we have the experience, know how and resources to keep you up to date with today’s products and safety standards in the auto glass industry.



SunState Auto Glass believes safety doesn’t just start with the quality of auto glass used in a windshield.  It begins by employing the most knowledgeable auto glass technicians in the industry and ensuring that they pass a vigorous employment screening process.  Our technicians, regardless of experience, must complete extensive classroom and hands-on training on the latest products and techniques before ever working with our clientele.  Furthermore exemplifying our commitment to our customers knowing they will be satisfied with a job well done, and a safe driving experience when back on the road!
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